© 1992 by Dr. Tim Gorski


SING A SONG OF ICE AGE [Sing a song of sixpence]

Sing a song of Ice Age, a pocketfull of till,
18,000 years since the glaciers brought their chill,
Left up high in mountains and also at the poles,
Roundabout they've left us all our summer swimming holes.

HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE [Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle ...]

Hey diddle diddle,
Aim right for the middle,
When your rocket ship gets to the moon,
You'll have just a sixth of your earthly weight,
And you won't find a lake or lagoon.

BLACKSTONE, BLACKSTONE [Black sheep, black sheep, ...]

Blackstone, blackstone are you nameable?
Yes sir, Yes sir, three possible,
Igneous Obsidian, Sedimentary Slate,
and Metamorphic Marble with a color variegate.
Blackstone, blackstone are you nameable?
Yes sir, Yes sir, three possible.

MARY, MARY [Mary, Mary, quite contrary ...]

Mary, Mary, extraordinary,
How does your garden grow?
With gymnosperms and angiosperms,
And filicineae all in a row!

FOUR NUCLEOTIDES [Three blind mice]

Four nucleotides, four nucleotides,
See how they pair, see how they pair,
They're all wound up in a helical way,
It's the wonderful molecule DNA,
Have you ever seen such a sight in your day?
As four nucleotides, four nucleotides.

LITTLE BOY BLUE [Little Boy Blue]

Little boy blue, look up at the sky,
Now what do you see there past clouds so high?
Worlds upon worlds, amid billions of stars,
Galaxies, comets, and quasars!
Where is the boy,
Who looks at the stars?
He's watching them now,
Through binoculars.
Will you disturb him?
No, not I,
His attention is focused,
On the night sky.

IT'S RAINING, IT'S POURING [It's raining, it's pouring]

It's raining, it's pouring,
Lightning and thunder's roaring,
From the ocean to the thunderheads,
To the rivers from the watersheds,
And back to the sea restoring.

 THIS LITTLE PIGGY [This little piggy]

This little piggy had energy,
This little piggy had mass,
This little piggy had all the elements,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy cried "Wee-wee-wee-wee, it's all the same, what fun!"

HICKORY, DICKORY DOCK [Hickory, Dickory Dock]

Hickory, dickory dock,
There's twelve hours on the clock.
Twelve for the A.M.,
Twelve for the P.M.
Hickory, dickory dock.

JACK SPRAT [Jack Sprat]

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife ate no protein,
Their dog devoured the carbohydrate,
So they licked the platter clean.

THE BEDTIME RHYME [Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep]

Now I lay me down to sleep,
To happy dreams and slumbers deep.
In the morning I'll awake,
And I'll be good, for goodness sake!


We'll do what's right because it's right,
We'll do it with all of our might,
Until we all go down for the night, night, night,
We'll do what's right because it's right!


(c) Tim Gorski, 1992