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I'm pregnant and I'm bleeding ...

and I'm early - haven't even felt any movement yet. What do I do?

Bleeding in early pregnancy is fairly common. But it's also how miscarriages begin or can be a sign that the pregnancy has become "nonviable," meaning that it will not result in a baby. Still, about half of the time a "threatened miscarriage" will turn out fine. So if the bleeding is light it's best to simply wait and call us as soon as the office is open again. If it's after-hours or on the weekend and the bleeding is heavy, it is best to go to the Emergency Department at Arlington Memorial Hospital. Also be aware that if you are lying down and then get up, his may appear to increase the bleeding because what has collected in the vagina comes out. But getting up did not cause actual increased bleeding. All that said, USE YOUR JUDGEMENT and go to the Emergency Department at Arlington Memorial Hospital if you would like to. (also remember that if you were just seen in the office and had a pelvic exam and especially a pap smear, some spotting is normal)

and I'm fairly far along, 4-5 months or more. What do I do?

Further along in a pregnancy, bleeding is cause to go to the hospital right away. But again, if you recently had a pelvic exam or if you are full-term and especially if you are having some contractions, some spotting or blood-tinged mucus is normal.

I'm pregnant and I'm not feeling my baby move. What do I do?

If you had been feeling fetal movement and then don't feel the baby move, it is best to go to Arlington Memorial Hospital to be checked.