Timothy N. Gorski MD FACOG
Board Certified, American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
1001 North Waldrop Drive #815, Arlington, TX 76012
metro (817) 792-2000
"Personal Care in Sickness and in Health"
Dr. Gorski
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1001 North Waldrop Drive, Suite 815
Arlington, Texas 76012-4704


(817) 792-2000 voice 24/7/365


1) Always call this main number. If you use the "dial-back" feature on your phone you may get a back number that is not answered after hours.

2) Although it is preferred that you call during office hours, if you have an emergency or you have had a problem that was not or could not be solved when you called during office hours, please do call Dr. Gorski after office hours. ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT AS TO WHETHER OR NOT TO CALL 911 AND/OR GO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AFTER HOURS OR ON WEEKENDS. AND, IF YOU ARE PREGNANT AND THINK YOU ARE IN LABOR OR THAT YOUR BAG OF WATERS HAS BROKEN, GO TO ARLINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

(413) 502-0346 FAX

HOURS: (more often than not we are here over the lunch hours!)

8:30-6 Monday
8:30-5 Tuesday
8:30-6 Wednesday
8:30-5 Thursday
8:30-1 Friday

OUR STAFF, Marjorie and Lisa, are here to help you!


We participate in most HMO and PPO insurance plans. Because of the constant and often rapid changes that occur with managed care organizations, the books of "providers" put out by the companies are often out-of-date as soon as they are sent to the printers. Therefore, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE TO CHECK OR TO CONFIRM THAT WE PARTICIPATE WITH YOUR INSURANCE. This is especially important at the time that you choose or may be given an opportunity to change your insurance coverage.


We are always happy to accept cash payments. In fact, if you do not have insurance and can pay in full at the time of your visit, we can offer special pricing arrangements. (DO NOT waste your money on those commercial discount cards!)

We do not accept credit card payments in the office but such payments can easily be made through paypal. Paypal is a free internet service that allows you to make payments, using your credit card, to anyone with an email address. Call and we'll give you or paypal email address for you to make a payment this way . If you don't already have a paypal account, CLICK HERE to open one.


If you would like to save some time by downloading the forms we use in the office, printing them out and completing them at home and bringing them with you to your appointment, you can do so by clicking on the links below. These are *.rtf (Rich Text Format) files which you should be able to open in any word processing program. USE THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to click on the files, save them to your disk, and open them in your word processor.

This is our standard sheet for new patients and returning patients whose addresses and other information needs to be updated: INFO SHEET 1.rtf

This is a form needed by us to be able to file your insurance for you, including the disclosure of any medical information required by your insurance company: INS AUTHORIZATION.rtf

This is the form we use to help us focus on the reasons for your visit and other matters that need to be considered when you see Dr. Gorski: INFO SHEET 2.rtf

HEY! Here are some pictures of some of the many babies that Dr. Gorski has delivered. Every one of them is cute!!